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   Ascato is a new top-class brand which was created by Safetex and an Italian Enterprise.ASCATO makes full use of the organic nature fibers, such as silk,cotton ,linen.That's to say Ascato focuses on the silk,cotton,linen fabrics,and promotes the natural,environmental and lowed-carbon life .All of the designs are mainly developed by western designers from GIACOMO BARZAGHI,Trendart International Textile & Surface Pattern Studio,and AL-Over Designs in Italy.
   The styles and color matches vary from modern fashion ,classical, luxury, European style, Chinese style, noble elegance to simple luxury,which are the most popular ones from Europe. It caters for all kinds of different needs from the high consumers all over the world.
   With the improvement of the people's living standard, people's requirements on living standard become higher and higher,therefore the green and natural fabrics become more and more popular to all the people.The natural organic fabrics can not only resist the ultraviolet rays and prevent the harmful gases and bacteria from invading ,but also regulate the temperature and moisture and purify the environment. The chairs ,sofas ,curtains made by the nature organic fabrics can send out the unique nature fragrance,which can let you have a green healthy living environment.Ascato's slogan is : Bring your health home.
   ASCATO targets at high consuming market and promotes the high quality life style at home.It faces the retailers, the decoration companies and the design studios from all over the world. We sincerely look forward to seeking cooperation ,development and achieving benefits bilaterally.

   ASCATO(艾斯卡多)品牌是杭州圣菲丹纺织品有限公司和意大利公司合作推出的一个新品牌。产品以绿色有机、低碳环保、天然健康的丝、棉、麻为主要原料,交织成真丝、真丝绵、丝麻及绣花等面料。产品的设计主要来自意大利艾西尼亚.坦克斯(ATHENEA TEXATHENEA S.L),欧露浮(AL-OVER DESIGNS),和特莱德.雅特(TREANDART)三设计公司;产品风格:有现代时尚、古典豪华、富丽奢侈,有欧美风情、中式田园,有高贵典雅、低调奢华、高调朴素,为当今欧洲流行的款式和配色,适应国内高端人群的不同需求。
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